Why I’ll Never Make It as a Pro Blogger

by Jason Boom on January 6, 2010

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I’m destined to work for the man, slogging away in a pile of papers for the rest of my days. It’s true. I’ve shaken the magic eight ball and had ‘future is blurry’ pop up one too many times. Let’s face it…there has to be some who just don’t break out of the mold — they’re all around you, and they’re riding this giant rock just like the fat wallet guys. In fact, they’re the component that makes success stories possible. Without failures, no one would care about success.

So don’t be like me. I took time away from blogging for life reasons, and from being burn-out. I crashed in on my own expectations. I thought blogging would bring me fame, fortune, and a Rich Jerk lifestyle. But then I found it was more like slaughtering the pig than bringing home the bacon.

[ReviewAZON asin=”0470246677″ display=”inlinepost”]I made mistakes. I walked away from several projects, while still maintaining my freelance business. (I did some things right.) For those who don’t know, I started JasonBoom.com two years ago, with the hopes of helping other bloggers to learn about blogging tricks, SEO ideas, and general social media tools. It was a good run, and I met a lot of people along the way. I’ve built a few friendships from that experience, and also watched many, many others fall victim to blogging’s cruel and unyielding blade — time.

You see, blogging takes time. Writing isn’t like watching TV. I can punch a button and have a story told to me with a television. I become a sponge and take in as much or as little as I like. With blogging, I NEED a story. I NEED an angle on whatever my topic might be. I NEED some sort of validation afterward too. That’s one downfall, I suppose. I like to have people read what I’m writing. Call me narcissistic, but without someone reading it — why write it? It’s why I’ve never kept a journal.

So let’s see, that’s one reason I’ll never make it as a pro blogger. I’ll just keep going.

  1. I seek validation.
  2. I have no blogging focus. It’s clear everyone has this whole blogging for business/enterprise niche covered. I love so many different topics it’s just too hard to define the one I should stick to on a regular schedule.
  3. I’m not controversial/critical enough. I can see flaws in things, but I get a little shaky about writing on them. I don’t like pissing people off. I’m not a drama seeker — I’m actually, quiet and reserved in life. Confrontations get my blood pumping, but don’t do much for my confidence level.
  4. I’m too this or that (you fill in the blanks) — I’m black coffee when readers are looking for cream and sugar.
  5. I’m not an expert on much, really just a student. I’m fairly good with SEO, web design, content management systems, writing, editing, and most everything, but I’m not an expert. I might stumble onto a neat idea here and there, but I’m not going to blow your mind every post.
  6. I’m too hard on myself. As I mentioned before, blogging takes time. It’s largely solitary time, but it also takes time because of fear. I’m afraid my post has errors, no one will like it, it’s not poignant enough, etc. With all this double think, I really lose sight of what I love about blogging — helping others, building community, interaction, etc.

I feel relieved in telling you this, actually. In getting this off my chest, I feel like I’ve given myself a chance. It’s a new year and, yes, amazing things are possible, but I’m still me. I’m going to be carrying these insecurities, fears, and shortcomings with me. Nothing has really changed from 2009 to 2010.

Where does this leave me?

Blogging is also about discovery. So let’s see what the future holds — it is, after-all, still blurry.

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