Weekly Implosion: Sell Your Blog

by Jason Boom on March 30, 2008

Money ImageIn my few months at Jason Boom dot com, I’ve seen more and more sites put on the auction block. One in particular this week, Blogging Experiment, went on the market and quickly sold. I understand people’s lives change, but should we sell our blogs?

I don’t think it’s a moral dilemma. It’s really not. It’s a personal choice. A blog belongs to the owner, not to the readers. And, if you look at your blog like a business, then you should treat it like one when considering buyouts. However, in some ways, it feels like a betrayal.

I can always unsubscribe, right?

How much of our blogging identity creates the blog? Can we shuffle in new owners and still capture the essence of a blog? I think it would change, maybe not drastically but it would change. How many can say they bought a house and left it exactly as the previous owners? You may hang new curtains, paint the walls, repair minor defects, or even change the floor plan. It’s rare to find a home you want to stay exactly the same. For this reason, I doubt a new owner would simply keep everything the same. At the very least, their writing will not line up with the original blog owner’s style. Worst case scenario: they over-monetize the site and reduce traffic. But they did pay for that right.

I’m not saying its wrong to sell your blog. I’m just wondering about the ethics behind it. Is this a business? Should I do a public offering and sell stock in Jason Boom dot com?


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I ran across this post through a link on Twitter. Loic Le Meur talks how decentralized he feels with all the social media sites. It’s something I’ve thought about as well.

Here’s a good Entrecard post. I saw a link to this through the Entrecard forums. It’s a good, quality read.

Gorilla Sushi posted an interesting study of Entrecard. He studied the Art category and drew correlations between the cost of an ad to the amount of traffic through Alexa. It’s a fascinating read.

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