Outsourcing Advertising and Marketing for Better Cash Flow

by Jason Boom on October 18, 2012

The purpose of most businesses is to make a profit. For retail businesses, inventory turnover is essential. Their purpose is to sell items and replace them so that a particular product is always available. When inventories move slowly or products become out-of-date, management decides to lower prices to sell products. Advertising and marketing these products are essential because room must be made for new products that will sell.

Reasons for Advertising and Marketing

Retail businesses must maintain inventories. Slow-moving items have higher markups to compensate for the cost of carrying the inventory, while fast-moving items generate greater cash flow quicker. Regardless of the markup, the faster the items are sold, the more turnovers are possible. Efficient advertising and marketing play a significant role in moving items.

The Marketing Department

Every business has someone in charge of marketing. The markets may be general or brand specific, and different techniques may be needed to reach the right audience. Newsprint, radio, television and Internet are all possibilities to advertise products. Unfortunately, most of the advertising dollars wasted are on ads that are displayed before millions of people who do not want that product.

Better returns on advertising investments are achieved when targeted lists are available. Advertising specialists keep track of people who have recently inquired about particular products so that prospective customers may be informed about special offers. When special offers are available, the people on the targeted list give the seller a higher rate of return on investment.

The rate of return on advertising indicates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. While the rate may be high in a small area, a smaller rate in a larger area may generate more sales. `

Advantages Outsourcing Advertising and Marketing

Many companies may find great advantages in outsourcing all or part of their advertising and marketing functions to a professional agency, such asĀ Gumas Advertising. These types of marketing agencies are staffed with experts in advertising and branding. They offer access to worldwide markets, and they can develop and design marketing strategies to fit any marketing need. They use the latest technologies available to create unique advertising that will attract customers to buy your products or services.


Advertising and marketing are the key factors to gain faster inventory turnovers. Inventory turnovers generate the cash flow that is essential for business profits. Advertising and marketing specialists have the resources and experience to increase your return on advertising investments.

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