Link Building Strategies for e-Commerce Sites, Blogs, and Sites

by Jason Boom on October 13, 2010

I wrote about e-commerce link building before, but never finished the series. I opened the article talking about the importance of backlinks, but failed to mention how to start the creation process. So let’s look at how to build links to an e-commerce store, a site, or a blog.

A new website that just opened its doors to the world will not have any results in Google and no juice from links to start building rankings in various Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So you need link building practices. E-commerce stores have trouble building links because their competitors do not want to link to them due to competition. They really one have the option of blogs linking to the site because of an interesting deal or special product they could find only through that store. And that can take a lot of time.

Quality directories can provide some great initial link juice. For instance, the DMOZ site lists many business throughout the world. Try submitting your site to their directory for inclusion.

Here’s a great trick for building links. Let others do the work for you.

  • Go to and type in the keyword that would attract the most attention for your e-commerce store. We’ll use “irish tshirt” as our example.
  • Ignore the large competitors in your niche (e.g. JcPenneys) and only focus on the other niche sites. In this case we find one three spots down the page:
  • Now visit Yahoo’s Site Explorer
  • You’ll have to login to your Yahoo account to use this. Once you do, at the top of the screen, use the Explore URL feature to check out the domain.Build LinksOn the next screen select “Inlinks” and then choose “Except from this domain” in the dropdown. This will filter all the links out that originate from the chosen domain and only show the incoming links.
    Build Links ecommerce site

Now you have access to all their sources of backlinks. Some of them you can duplicate! It’s a little time consuming but can lead to some high PR links for your new e-commerce site. Heck this can be used for any type of site throughout any niche, actually.

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