For the Love of Blog!

by Jason Boom on January 20, 2008

Blog LoveWhy do we spend our days writing blogs? I’ve thought about this, as I’m sure all bloggers have at some point in their blogging careers. As with anything, its as much about the lifestyle as it is about the blog itself. We create content, network with other bloggers, join communities, rate blogs, write comments, surf listings, seek out new online thrills, buy advertising, sell advertising, trade links, buy links, fret over traffic, add widgets, join RSS feeds, gain readers, and have a great time doing it. All of which I’ve enjoyed doing this first full week at this blog.

The appeal of making money sure does sound great, but when that becomes the primary goal of anything it tends to outshine the other inherent qualities. Do we blog to make money, to increase our awareness of writing itself, to join communities, or do we do it simply because we love to blog? I think its the latter. We love this stuff. This is how we build a strong reader base.

I want to hear from you. I want you to tell me why you blog, either in a blog post or in the comments here.

This week I’ve seen other people’s blogs used in many different ways. I’ve seen blog posts written on the devastating effects of cancer, how to build strong ties to fellow bloggers, on topics similar to my own, and I’ve joined fellow bloggers in an attempt to win favorable ad space on CyberStreet Report.

Upcoming Posts
This week on we’ll be running a contest of our own. The details of that will be made public either Monday or Tuesday. Be sure to check back for that. We will also be starting a few new series of blog posts. The first of which will be powder keg reviews. The idea behind the powder keg is they can unlock a lot of potential for your blog. We’ll be reviewing new blog community sites, tools, widgets and plugins in this series.

The Weekly Implosion
This week has been jam packed with information, since the blog just went live under the Jason Boom name one week ago. I’ve made friends, photographed my office, did a quick review of what other bloggers have been saying, discussed the change of my blog name, unveiled the stellar logo, participated in Lorelle’s travel post challenge with this gruesome entry, submitted a guest blogger post to the vacationing cow, and a whole lot more.

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Jason Boom Jason writes not only about himself in the third person, but also about marketing, site building, SEO, and other topics related to marketing online. He's been an avid fan of blogging since the early days of Blogger. You can connect with Jason (me) on Twitter and Google Plus.

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