Social Media

What You Need to Know About Privacy Management

by Jason Boom on March 1, 2013

Tweet It’s not easy anymore to use the internet without being tracked. Cookies, remote systems and other such tools allow monitoring of online user, which means privacy is a big concern for everyone who uses the internet. One of the biggest questions faced by business professionals in the digital age is how to represent themselves […]

Micro-blogging Olympics Closing Ceremonies

by Jason Boom on September 1, 2008

Tweet I have to admit, this post is shamefully late. The idea behind the Micro-blogging Olympics was to test out the three major Micro-blogging sites — Twitter, Plurk, and Pownce — to gauge their effectiveness towards site traffic. The experiment was a lot of fun. I met a lot of cool people and found myself […]

The Future of Social Media Sites and Social Networks

by Jason Boom on August 21, 2008

Tweet I sat down to think about this question, “Where will social media sites be in five or ten years?” Following are my ramblings. I’m not an expert on social media or social networks, but thought I could tackle the question. I’d love to hear from you as well. Will it take twenty years to […]