Link Building

Tweet There are many things that the Penguin update looks at when it is attempting to rank websites, and figure out which websites are going to be at risk from being damaged by the future Penguin updates. There are a number of factors that Google is specifically looking at when they are devaluing websites in […]

Building Links for an e-Commerce Store

by Jason Boom on October 22, 2010

Tweet photo credit: Stuck in Customs A new e-commerce site needs links so it can start climbing the SERPs and receive traffic. After the payment gateway goes live, my clients want customers. I do educate them, of course. They realize they need site traffic and that’s hard to do with a new site — at […]

Tweet photo credit: Grant MacDonald I wrote about e-commerce link building before, but never finished the series. I opened the article talking about the importance of backlinks, but failed to mention how to start the creation process. So let’s look at how to build links to an e-commerce store, a site, or a blog. A […]