Internet Marketing

Tweet The purpose of most businesses is to make a profit. For retail businesses, inventory turnover is essential. Their purpose is to sell items and replace them so that a particular product is always available. When inventories move slowly or products become out-of-date, management decides to lower prices to sell products. Advertising and marketing these […]

Video Streaming Service for Online Marketers

by Jason Boom on February 24, 2010

Tweet The other day I was reading a forum post on the Warrior Forum. Someone brought up how much it costs to host video files for their membership site. They were paying far more than I had imagined anyone would for a service like that. It never really occurred to me that a video streaming […]

Building an Online Business

by Jason Boom on January 24, 2010

Tweet photo credit: 27147 I’ve decided to scrub my hands of this icky, sticky poor-me mentality and really put myself into building an online enterprise. Before I segway into the riches that should be pouring like rainwater down my gutters, let me tell you my strategy. It’s simple: freelance writing coupled with site building. That’s […]