The Patriot’s Bid for Perfection and A Blog Wave

by Jason Boom on January 29, 2008

Tweet With the upcoming Super Bowl, which I am mustering the nerve to watch since I am not a Patriots fan, we can all get a glimpse of extraordinary marketing. I haven’t heard whether GoDaddy will be doing one of their illustrious campaigns, but every ad should provide a lot of material for marketers to […]

Travel Post Challenge Response: A Mysterious Dragging

by Jason Boom on January 17, 2008

Tweet Lorelle challenged me. Me! I’ll show her. I can write about traveling. After all, I’ve been places. Let’s see. Yes, there was that trip…and that one. Ahhh! Dynamite! You know how in narratives the reader sometimes has the upper hand on the character? The piece of the story the reader knows but the character […]