Goals for 2010

by Jason Boom on January 1, 2010

Tweet photo credit: James Jordan I admit I hadn’t planned on writing out a goals list. I was browsing Twitter and @profitbaron said: For your new years resolution: set a goal so big that if you actually achieve it, it would blow your mind I tend to make my goals do-able. It’s not that I’m […]

What to Do What to Do

by Jason Boom on December 29, 2009

Tweet Hello, I’m trying to figure out what to do with this site. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I come back to it. I love the design, character, and everything this site had become. So should I renew the domain? Absolutely! I think I’ll just use the blog to talk about my interests. […]

What Happened Here?

by Jason Boom on January 23, 2009

Tweet The fire has gone. The smoke from the smoldering mess wafts listlessly into the blogosphere. Something happened here. An attack maybe. A disaster of some sort. Many have questioned. Others have emailed their concern. One man cared to pay a little to help clean up the wreckage. The site continued in this state for […]

Tweet It was several weeks ago. I came home from the office and made a quick stop at the mailbox. On the way through the front door, I noticed a nondescript white envelop amidst the bills and magazines. I looked it over and quickly realized the return address was from a website I had signed […]

The Google Browser Chrome Released Today

by Jason Boom on September 2, 2008

Tweet Google released their free Chrome browser today. This open source browser promises to be fast and quick with javascript applications, securing computers by sandboxing the websites they browse inside the tabs, and more than adequate with dynamic sites. I checked to see if G Chrome was downloadable when I first got online today, but […]