e-Commerce Marketing

Tweet I’ve been working as a digital marketing consultant for a newspaper for over a year now. The work has presented many different small business scenarios as they relate to social media engagement, web design projects, and local SEO. One challenge is the regional store that’s only online. How do you market a regional ecommerce […]

Tweet photo credit: Grant MacDonald I wrote about e-commerce link building before, but never finished the series. I opened the article talking about the importance of backlinks, but failed to mention how to start the creation process. So let’s look at how to build links to an e-commerce store, a site, or a blog. A […]

Branding an e-Commerce Store

by Jason Boom on July 12, 2008

Tweet Just as your blog has a brand, a web store needs a face too. A unique brand keeps your site in the mind of users when they want to buy a certain product. The Snorg Tees ads have supplanted that brand into my psyche. I’ve seen it everywhere. So how can we begin to […]

Marketing an e-Commerce Store Part One

by Jason Boom on June 27, 2008

Tweet When in doubt, Google it. Google has become the end-all-be-all of internet information. This means when we create our new e-commerce store, we need “The Google” to find us. We need a framework to begin with that makes Google finding us that much easier. We need an SEO friendly solution and a marketing plan […]