Weekly Implosion

Tweet This weekly wrap-up post asks one crucial question for all you micro-bloggers — Is there a wrong way to use Twitter, Plurk, Pownce, and all the others? Can you actually alienate yourself from the masses? I have no hard and fast evidence. I know on Twitter there’s a collective of individuals I’m following who […]

Weekly Implosion: The New EntreBar (Toolbar)

by Jason Boom on August 3, 2008

Tweet I received the emailed announcement this morning, as all Entrecard members did, that the new toolbar has been released. Is this Sitehoppin? I went to the Entrecard post and read about the new toolbar. It sounded cool. I have a lot of toolbars installed in Firefox and wasn’t too thrilled to add another, but […]

Weekly Implosion: My Latest Site

by Jason Boom on June 15, 2008

Tweet I have a lot of enthusiasm for the Internet. The sheer volume of things I can learn really sparks my interest. This is why I do all my work behind a computer, forsaking my eyes and back for an opportunity to learn and invest in website development and blogging. Is there a better way […]

Weekly Implosion: Indy 500 Edition

by Jason Boom on May 25, 2008

Tweet It’s Memorial Day weekend. One of my favorite weekends in the whole year. Not simply because I have an extra day off from the office, but for its outdoor appeal. The weekend represents the start of summer, baseball, and the Indy 500. I’m excited about blogging too. This week saw my resurgence, or my […]

Weekly Implosion: Entrecard Ad Rate Changes

by Jason Boom on April 13, 2008

Tweet This week saw the most significant change in the Entrecard community to date. They altered the ad rate formula from counting drops as part of the equation to only counting demand for your ad space. The new systems seems to have kicked up a lot of dust.¬†¬†Once all that settles, it appears to be […]