Increase Your RSS Feed’s Reach

by Jason Boom on January 26, 2009

Tweet As most of you are aware, Feedburner has two separate metrics by which they measure your feed — total subscribers and reach. The subscribers number shows the estimated number of subscriptions. The only real concrete number you have there is your email subscribers, but even then those subscribers could be filtering your messages to […]

Micro-blogging Olympics Closing Ceremonies

by Jason Boom on September 1, 2008

Tweet I have to admit, this post is shamefully late. The idea behind the Micro-blogging Olympics was to test out the three major Micro-blogging sites — Twitter, Plurk, and Pownce — to gauge their effectiveness towards site traffic. The experiment was a lot of fun. I met a lot of cool people and found myself […]

A Review of the Link Building Wiki

by Jason Boom on August 29, 2008

Tweet Do you know how to build back links to the blog, e-commerce store, or site you’ve started? Link building may be one of the most sought skills for any site owner. After all, links help your site become found by search engines, build traffic, and increase your site’s readership. At you will find […]

A Letter to a Random Search Engine Visitor

by Jason Boom on August 29, 2008

Tweet Hi there, I see you came to my site looking for “web 2.0 skills”. I’m not entirely sure why you found my page, but I’m glad you did. I’m afraid you didn’t stick around to learn any skills, but maybe that’s already a sign you have web 2.0 skills. It says here you bounced […]

Micro-blogging Olympics Day Three

by Jason Boom on August 11, 2008

Tweet Micro-blogging has its perks. You can meet cool people and chat all day long. The downside — you rarely get much done except for talking and reading different blogs. Well at least that’s how Sunday went. I interacted on both Twitter and Plurk most of the day, adding in a failed EC forum postings. […]