Powder Keg Review

Motive Interactive: Advent 2.0 Review

by Jason Boom on October 13, 2008

Tweet As web publishers, many of us sink our teeth into tasty affiliate offers only to find they’re not the perfect fit for our audience. The network we’re on may give us a demographic but if we don’t create leads, then we’re out of the game, so to speak. Motive Interactive created an affiliate network […]

Powderkeg Review: The NESW Sports Site

by Jason Boom on August 13, 2008

Tweet The NESW Sports site claims to be the best sports news anywhere. A very, very bold tagline. Their browser title says The Best Sports Videos, which is maybe a little more apt. I’m no ESPN jockey, but they do some fairly serious reporting. My first bit of advice for the owner would be to […]

Powder Keg Review: PodcastKicks.com

by Jason Boom on August 1, 2008

Tweet I recently bought a Microsoft Zune. I know what you’re thinking, why? Well, maybe not. I bought the Zune for research. I had an article to write about connecting the Zune to other applications. Of course, to do the work I bought the device. I’ve been very pleased with it so far. The best […]

Powder Keg Review: The impNERD Website

by Jason Boom on February 29, 2008

Tweet This edition of the Powder Keg Review series examines the impNERD web site’s explosiveness. The name for the site makes me think of little green men running around with black framed glasses. After reviewing the About page, I realized “imp” is an acronym for “Internet Marketing and Publishing.” So you won’t be getting your […]

Powder Keg Review: Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog

by Jason Boom on February 20, 2008

Tweet This edition of the Powder Keg Review series looks at the Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog. I actually have a little history with this blog. I ran across it before my own blog came into creation. The Big Bang was yet a twinkle in the Blogosphere’s eye. What captured my attention with Tim, the creator of […]