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Powder Keg Review:

by Jason Boom on August 1, 2008

Tweet I recently bought a Microsoft Zune. I know what you’re thinking, why? Well, maybe not. I bought the Zune for research. I had an article to write about connecting the Zune to other applications. Of course, to do the work I bought the device. I’ve been very pleased with it so far. The best […]

Boombox Podcast Episode 2

by Jason Boom on March 10, 2008

Tweet Listen to Episode 2 of the Boombox Podcast This podcast was recorded last Friday, so some references may seem a little dated. I do seem to ramble quite a bit in it, but whatever, I had fun. There’s also something fun going on in this one. You’ll have to listen all the way through […]

Boombox Podcast: Episode 1

by Jason Boom on March 1, 2008

Tweet Boombox Podcast: Episode 1 | Listen Now! I’m releasing the first Boombox podcast. I am anxious to hear what my readers think. I’m not a radio personality, but I think I did fine. Definitely not the best voice for radio though. I need to work on that. In this podcast episode, I discuss why […]