Blog Marketing

Tweet It was several weeks ago. I came home from the office and made a quick stop at the mailbox. On the way through the front door, I noticed a nondescript white envelop amidst the bills and magazines. I looked it over and quickly realized the return address was from a website I had signed […]

Link Building Strategies for e-Commerce Stores

by Jason Boom on June 13, 2008

Tweet I have just updated the blog with a new link building strategy guide. Be sure to check it out for up to date e-commerce link building ideas. Recently I’ve been developing a few e-commerce stores. One of the stores has requested my help with building steady traffic to the site. Similar principles apply to […]

How to Spot an Alpha Blog

by Jason Boom on April 1, 2008

Tweet In the wild, bloggers tend to group together inside networks to survive. These instincts have been honed over several years of dangerous online activity. For instance, they survived the Blogger buyout, the various WordPress hacks, and the influx of comment spam. They’re strong creatures. But there’s always one that stands apart from the rest. […]

Powder Keg Review: The impNERD Website

by Jason Boom on February 29, 2008

Tweet This edition of the Powder Keg Review series examines the impNERD web site’s explosiveness. The name for the site makes me think of little green men running around with black framed glasses. After reviewing the About page, I realized “imp” is an acronym for “Internet Marketing and Publishing.” So you won’t be getting your […]

Part Two: Igniting the Senses with Metaphors

by Jason Boom on February 18, 2008

Tweet After writing Creating Your Blog’s Perfume Page I received quite a few comments regarding the topic. Many of you commented that blogs cannot surpass the boundary of visual stimuli just yet. We do however see people placing audio ads into their pages. This obvious intrusion into our quiet privacy triggers the wrong emotion in […]