Do You Write Controversial Posts?

by Jason Boom on February 3, 2010

Tweet photo credit: VOD Cars I’ve written them. I’m sure you’ve written them. The post you’re not sure you should put out there. You might have thought long and hard about the consequences. The pros and cons balancing like two eggs on a scale. One may hatch an influx of traffic, the other a hated […]

Why I’ll Never Make It as a Pro Blogger

by Jason Boom on January 6, 2010

Tweet photo credit: ahhyeah I’m destined to work for the man, slogging away in a pile of papers for the rest of my days. It’s true. I’ve shaken the magic eight ball and had ‘future is blurry’ pop up one too many times. Let’s face it…there has to be some who just don’t break out […]

Five Great Notebooks for Blogging

by admin on February 7, 2009

Tweet This is a guest post by TJ Aaron from  LaptopLogic provides laptop reviews and news on a regular basis. They cover everything for the laptop enthusiast, including accessory reviews and other useful information. Check out their Latest Review section to see what’s cooking in the world of laptops. Bloggers are like any other […]

Increase Your RSS Feed’s Reach

by Jason Boom on January 26, 2009

Tweet As most of you are aware, Feedburner has two separate metrics by which they measure your feed — total subscribers and reach. The subscribers number shows the estimated number of subscriptions. The only real concrete number you have there is your email subscribers, but even then those subscribers could be filtering your messages to […]

Motive Interactive: Advent 2.0 Review

by Jason Boom on October 13, 2008

Tweet As web publishers, many of us sink our teeth into tasty affiliate offers only to find they’re not the perfect fit for our audience. The network we’re on may give us a demographic but if we don’t create leads, then we’re out of the game, so to speak. Motive Interactive created an affiliate network […]