Building Links for an e-Commerce Store

by Jason Boom on October 22, 2010

A new e-commerce site needs links so it can start climbing the SERPs and receive traffic. After the payment gateway goes live, my clients want customers. I do educate them, of course. They realize they need site traffic and that’s hard to do with a new site — at least for free it is.

A person can do article and video marketing, buy traffic, and target specific keywords through an SEO campaign. The latter method requires building links back to the new store, as well as onsite optimization. For bloggers and regular site owners building backlinks may not pose a problem, but for an e-commerce store this can be rather difficult.

Online stores survive in a competitive jungle. They have to scratch and claw for any backlink they receive. Blog commenting works well for a lot of e-commerce sites, but its hard to manipulate link anchors with comments, without spamming (something that should never be done). Those comments can only go so far though. A quality backlink profile should include review sites, social media links, blogs, forums, and directories. To gain some fresh e-commerce backlinks, consider the following ideas.

Three significant ways an e-commerce store can create backlinks

  1. Leveraging products — An e-commerce site can offer up a free shirt for a blogger and one for their readers for a review of their site and product. It’s simple, effective, and allows the site owner to save a bit of money in the barter deal.
  2. Discount coupon codes — The internet has numerous discount code coupon sites. These sites typically link back to the site where the discount applies. Create a coupon for 10% any purchase with no expiration date — consider it the cost of generating that one lead.
  3. Sponsor charity events and other site giveaways — Often times bloggers and site owners will create a prize pool for a contest. These happen regularly online and are a way to get visitors to stick around a blog, sign up for an RSS feed, write a post about the host and more. You can offer up a prize related to your store, or something inexpensive like a gift card if your product is expensive. Or, for the ambitious, you could start your own contest.

If you want your e-commerce store to climb the search ranks, contact me today. I provide an affordable monthly SEO subscription service that combines link building with article marketing.

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