About Jason Boom, Affiliate Marketer, Freelance Writer, Small Business Owner, and Father

Welcome to my site, where you’ll find dynamite posts on affiliate marketing, writing, and site building.

The Big Bang

This blog was created for Jason to write on marketing topics, as he researched and developed new ideas. The blog aims to teach readers ways to market as affiliates, increase traffic, make money online, and write more compelling content.

About Jason

Jason Frye

I am Jason Boom through imagination alone. My name is Jason Frye. I am a blogger, freelancer, writer, webmaster, marketer, business owner, husband, and father.

I’ve had a few people ask what I do for a living. While that seems like an easy answer, I can tell you I find many ways to make money in the the real world and online.

I have been making a living online, through freelance writing, web design, and a web hosting business in my community for a few years. I have freelanced for top companies in the US, and many smaller businesses. I excel with SEO copywriting, technical guides, and basic research articles.

My wife and I own a home in a quiet neighborhood of Champaign, IL. Most days find me camped at my computer working on an article or website with the passion you all know and love.

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