Three Things You Can Do To Shield Yourself From Future Penguin Updates

by admin on September 12, 2012

There are many things that the Penguin update looks at when it is attempting to rank websites, and figure out which websites are going to be at risk from being damaged by the future Penguin updates. There are a number of factors that Google is specifically looking at when they are devaluing websites in their search engines, and it can be very difficult to know-how to handle these updates for the betterment of your website. A few of the things that you can do to shield your self from future updates, which are rumored to be coming on a monthly basis from here on out include;

Anchor Text Diversification

Make sure that your anchor text is properly diversified. Previously, most search engine optimization specialist tried to hit the key words that they were looking for the hardest in terms of anchor text, while that might not be the best idea at this time. Studies have shown that your main keyword should have less than 20% of your total anchor text diversity, in order to look relevant to Google. Try to make sure that your anchor text as diverse as possible, and contains many keywords that are generic, such as the name of your website, the URL of your website, and the general overall nature of your website. Anchor text diversification is one key component that Google is now using to check for spam back links, and is something that every website owner should be taking into consideration when performing search engine optimization.

Links from Relevant Content

Also, try to make sure that you are only picking up back links from relevant content. Although Google has not outwardly admitted that they are punishing links from websites that are not relevant, because that would be admitting that negative search engine optimization is actually a real thing, they have made it clear that links from relevant content is one of the things that they are taking into consideration when ranking your website. Gone are the days of being able to submit articles to article directories, and see huge gains in the search engines. Now, you should be trying to garner back links from websites that are within your niche, and have a wide range of different content on them that is relevant to the types of services and content that you provide on your own website.

Consistent Pages

Google has also made it very clear that pages that link to your website should be about the same subject throughout. One of the ways that they have been able to identify back link spam is by looking at the title of the page, and then comparing it to the content. If the title and the content seemed to be about two very different subjects, the chances of it being link spam are much higher than otherwise. You should try to get back links from pages that are about one subject throughout in order to make it clear that the back link is legitimate. One excellent way to do this is by writing your own content, in the form of a guest blog, and getting other owners to post it on their website.

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