January 2010

Building an Online Business

by Jason Boom on January 24, 2010

Tweet photo credit: 27147 I’ve decided to scrub my hands of this icky, sticky poor-me mentality and really put myself into building an online enterprise. Before I segway into the riches that should be pouring like rainwater down my gutters, let me tell you my strategy. It’s simple: freelance writing coupled with site building. That’s […]

Why I’ll Never Make It as a Pro Blogger

by Jason Boom on January 6, 2010

Tweet photo credit: ahhyeah I’m destined to work for the man, slogging away in a pile of papers for the rest of my days. It’s true. I’ve shaken the magic eight ball and had ‘future is blurry’ pop up one too many times. Let’s face it…there has to be some who just don’t break out […]

Goals for 2010

by Jason Boom on January 1, 2010

Tweet photo credit: James Jordan I admit I hadn’t planned on writing out a goals list. I was browsing Twitter and @profitbaron said: For your new years resolution: set a goal so big that if you actually achieve it, it would blow your mind I tend to make my goals do-able. It’s not that I’m […]