September 2008

Adspace Contest Winner

by Jason Boom on September 25, 2008

Tweet We drew our first Adspace Contest Winner the other day. Congratulations to Not Just a Mama. The Adspace contest allows contestants to enter as sponsors by giving up ad space on your blog. You contribute enough and you can become a part of the contest itself. The winner of the contest has their ad […]

Tweet It was several weeks ago. I came home from the office and made a quick stop at the mailbox. On the way through the front door, I noticed a nondescript white envelop amidst the bills and magazines. I looked it over and quickly realized the return address was from a website I had signed […]

The Google Browser Chrome Released Today

by Jason Boom on September 2, 2008

Tweet Google released their free Chrome browser today. This open source browser promises to be fast and quick with javascript applications, securing computers by sandboxing the websites they browse inside the tabs, and more than adequate with dynamic sites. I checked to see if G Chrome was downloadable when I first got online today, but […]

Micro-blogging Olympics Closing Ceremonies

by Jason Boom on September 1, 2008

Tweet I have to admit, this post is shamefully late. The idea behind the Micro-blogging Olympics was to test out the three major Micro-blogging sites — Twitter, Plurk, and Pownce — to gauge their effectiveness towards site traffic. The experiment was a lot of fun. I met a lot of cool people and found myself […]