June 2008

Marketing an e-Commerce Store Part One

by Jason Boom on June 27, 2008

Tweet When in doubt, Google it. Google has become the end-all-be-all of internet information. This means when we create our new e-commerce store, we need “The Google” to find us. We need a framework to begin with that makes Google finding us that much easier. We need an SEO friendly solution and a marketing plan […]

Weekly Implosion: My Latest Site

by Jason Boom on June 15, 2008

Tweet I have a lot of enthusiasm for the Internet. The sheer volume of things I can learn really sparks my interest. This is why I do all my work behind a computer, forsaking my eyes and back for an opportunity to learn and invest in website development and blogging. Is there a better way […]

Link Building Strategies for e-Commerce Stores

by Jason Boom on June 13, 2008

Tweet I have just updated the blog with a new link building strategy guide. Be sure to check it out for up to date e-commerce link building ideas. Recently I’ve been developing a few e-commerce stores. One of the stores has requested my help with building steady traffic to the site. Similar principles apply to […]

How to Measure a Blog’s Success

by Jason Boom on June 9, 2008

Tweet I’ve been wondering this recently. What makes a blog successful? Do you count the number of subscribers and measure that against other blog giants in the industry? Do you count the amount of money your blog makes?┬áTo answer this question, we first need to┬ádetermine your blog’s purpose. Why do you blog? Take a minute […]