May 2008

The Stand Up Blogger

by Jason Boom on May 28, 2008

Tweet Stand up comedians work a rigorous schedule, and they have to produce laughs. What a life, right? It seems easy, until you set out to write something funny. I’m sure comedians each have their own ways of finding, creating, and writing their bits. One may work it out with friends, others may record their […]

Weekly Implosion: Indy 500 Edition

by Jason Boom on May 25, 2008

Tweet It’s Memorial Day weekend. One of my favorite weekends in the whole year. Not simply because I have an extra day off from the office, but for its outdoor appeal. The weekend represents the start of summer, baseball, and the Indy 500. I’m excited about blogging too. This week saw my resurgence, or my […]

Google Grants Jason Boom a Pagerank 4

by Jason Boom on May 21, 2008

Tweet Google has smiled upon me! I just checked my site’s Pagerank and much to my surprise the site now has a Pagerank of 4. This must be how those WoW junkies feel when they finally level up their level 59 character. I sat on the fat zero for about three months. Of course, I’ve […]

Grand Theft Blog

by Jason Boom on May 18, 2008

Tweet Have you missed me? I had an eventful April — full of article writing and a trip to sunny California. The problem was I didn’t make time for my blog. When you have a blog and let the content slip for more than a few weeks, readers tend to wonder what happened. They write […]