April 2008

Weekly Implosion: Entrecard Ad Rate Changes

by Jason Boom on April 13, 2008

Tweet This week saw the most significant change in the Entrecard community to date. They altered the ad rate formula from counting drops as part of the equation to only counting demand for your ad space. The new systems seems to have kicked up a lot of dust.¬†¬†Once all that settles, it appears to be […]

John Cow’s Amazing Contest

by Jason Boom on April 10, 2008

Tweet Blog contests seem to run in the vein of money giveaways, Entrecard freebies, or something over the top. It’s all a ploy, right? Blog owners holding contests simply want backlinks and new subscribers. Exactly, but why not? John Cow worked with his sponsors to create a unique contest where he’s giving away an Xbox […]

What Happens When We Die?

by Jason Boom on April 9, 2008

Tweet It’s a question that this blog cannot answer. I’m not going to comment on the great beyond. There’s a twist though — what happens to your blog if you die? I thought of this topic a while ago, but held off posting. I didn’t want to cause anyone grief. Bloggers are typically young, vibrant […]

Weekly Implosion: March in Review

by Jason Boom on April 6, 2008

Tweet Before I jump into the statistics and the beaucoup dollars I made during March, I would like to address the frequency with which I post. As many of you know, I have a full time job, but I also have my own business that I run in the evenings from my home. I’m a […]

The April $100 Contest

by Jason Boom on April 2, 2008

Tweet We’re back again with another $100 contest for April. The rules are simple, so be sure to enter. It’s a quick way to make a buck (or 100 of them). For those who entered the March contest, the results will be online soon. Keep your fingers crossed… To gain entries into the contest, just […]