March 2008

Weekly Implosion: Sell Your Blog

by Jason Boom on March 30, 2008

Tweet In my few months at Jason Boom dot com, I’ve seen more and more sites put on the auction block. One in particular this week, Blogging Experiment, went on the market and quickly sold. I understand people’s lives change, but should we sell our blogs? I don’t think it’s a moral dilemma. It’s really […]

Twitter Me This

by Jason Boom on March 28, 2008

Tweet It’s taken a little time to understand, but I’ve finally started to use Twitter effectively. Well, as effectively as being myself can be. Twitter can be terribly time consuming and just a little bit overwhelming at first blush. So why do so many A list bloggers, regular old bloggers, and industry leaders use the […]

Kindergarten Blogging

by Jason Boom on March 27, 2008

Tweet With the rain coming down all around you, have you ever paused between your car and the door of your house to feel the cool water? Moments can be universal. We can share a specific instance with our readers and invite them to relate on an entirely new level. We may relate to our […]

Creating Stop Signs for Site Traffic Part Two

by Jason Boom on March 25, 2008

Tweet In the last installment, I researched a few sites and made claims to the areas that stopped traffic. I think this type of discussion contains value for any blogger. I almost considered adding green lights and nailing a few sites, but I’ll keep to the current motif and only add stop signs to my […]

Weekly Implosion: Usability and Topic Discussion

by Jason Boom on March 23, 2008

Tweet This week saw two new articles: Creating Stop Signs for Site Traffic and Keep Your Mouth Shut. They both brought in a lot of traffic, and created some exciting conversations among readers. I enjoyed reading and hearing everyone’s opinion on the Keep Your Mouth Shut article. From the discussion, it’s safe to say most […]