February 2008

Powder Keg Review: The impNERD Website

by Jason Boom on February 29, 2008

Tweet This edition of the Powder Keg Review series examines the impNERD web site’s explosiveness. The name for the site makes me think of little green men running around with black framed glasses. After reviewing the About page, I realized “imp” is an acronym for “Internet Marketing and Publishing.” So you won’t be getting your […]

My View Source Adventure

by Jason Boom on February 28, 2008

Tweet Last night I took the time to install the WP-cache plugin. I held off installing this plugin due to knowing nothing about it. I was afraid if I installed it, I might cripple my site, forcing me to ressurect an older backup then reconfigure. After reassuring myself, I stepped through the fear. I figured […]

If Jack Handey Twittered

by Jason Boom on February 27, 2008

Tweet You remember the Jack Handey quotes from Saturday Night Live? I think Jack would have been an inspiring Twitter friend, with his quirky one-liner jokes. I took some time to adapt a few of his quotes for blogging. If you don’t know Jack, you can read about him on Wikipedia, and review the quotes […]

Tweet A blog network can be a truly helpful tool to new blogs, so when Antonio Marques of Digital-Folders.com emailed me asking if I wanted to join his network I had to consider it. Many of you might not be familiar with Blog Networks just yet. They offer bloggers a way to connect to other […]

Weekly Implosion: Academy Awards Edition

by Jason Boom on February 24, 2008

Tweet I’m a fan of many great movies. I think the best would be classics from my youth — Pulp Fiction and the Big Lebowski for sure. I’m a huge fan of Dark City as well. I can go on, but will just leave it at that. I do have a point in telling you […]