January 2008

Writing Blog Titles from Spam Subject Lines

by Jason Boom on January 31, 2008

Tweet Have you seen the CopyBlogger exercise where they have you write blog post titles using Cosmopolitan magazine’s cover headlines? The exercise was interesting to say the least. Remember that post was lingering in the innovative parts of my brain when, suddenly, I checked my email. There was nothing new in the inbox. However, the […]

Navigating Blog Fog

by Jason Boom on January 30, 2008

Tweet Have you seen the road signs lately? Your blog may be veering off-course. That’s right. When I started this blog, I envisioned certain things, like reviews, helpful traffic analysis, writing tips, as the keystone to my writing. I don’t think I’ve gone off course, not yet at least. I can still see the markers of […]

The Patriot’s Bid for Perfection and A Blog Wave

by Jason Boom on January 29, 2008

Tweet With the upcoming Super Bowl, which I am mustering the nerve to watch since I am not a Patriots fan, we can all get a glimpse of extraordinary marketing. I haven’t heard whether GoDaddy will be doing one of their illustrious campaigns, but every ad should provide a lot of material for marketers to […]

Why I Should Tear up BlogRush

by Jason Boom on January 28, 2008

Tweet Does that headline ring out for syndication? I put it there as an experiment. Maybe since I target BlogRush itself, this article will receive some syndication buzz through their widget. I know I’m late to the party. My blog just began and BlogRush has been around for a while now. I get it. I just wanted to lament […]

Weekly Contest

by Jason Boom on January 28, 2008

Tweet After the terrific results of last week’s contest, I’ve decided to mix things up a bit. The entries for this week’s contest will be submitted via comments to this post. Ok, so on to the rules and the winnings. You can enter in multiple ways: by writing a post that talks about my site […]